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Nihongo flipbooks

This Nihongo Flipbooks page brings together our various Japanese picture book readers in an easy to access format. Students are encouraged to choose books appropriate to their language level.

For pre-readers

These books gradually introduce students to hiragana and katakana using simple familiar words.

Click on the images below to start reading the digital books, and then on the book title at the bottom right of the page to proceed to the next book.  Select the purple button to explore teacher’s notes, including printable books and colouring activities.

Bilingual manga series

Bilingual manga series use a combination of familiar Japanese phrases and expressions, illustrations and English narration to tell the story.  These books are suitable for students who have mastered Hiragana.

Click the cover page images below to start reading or Information and Activities for teacher’s notes and related activities.

bunbuku chagama

Japanese short stories

Click the cover page images below to start reading.


Sekai no Sakura


Nihon no Natsu

Japanese long stories

This resource, suitable for secondary students, is a semi-biographical picture book based on the life of Jō Takasuka who influenced rice cultivation in Australia during the early 1900s.  Explore the story of Jō Takasuka deeper with supplementary worksheets.

Click the image below to start reading, or Information and Activities for teacher’s notes and supplementary worksheets.

Japanese rice farmer

        in Australia

Other related resources

Click the icon to explore.

Reading activities & strategies

Tadoku approach & activities

Resource created by the Japan Foundation, Sydney (November 2022).

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