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Junior Secondary

Reading activities and strategies

Students read a text about the change to the new era of Reiwa using number of reading strategies. They then apply the information gained to a number of extension tasks.

Sumo Quiz

Students can learn about basic vocabulary,the origins and rules of sumo through quiz.

Sumo classroom games

Students learn about sumo rituals and play various sumo games in class.

Sumo Picture Book

Students make a virtual visit to the Sumo stable, reading about the life of a novice sumo wrestler in Japan,  オージーの山  (lit. Aussie’s Mountain).

Japanese traditional patterns

Students work through a series of activities based on the theme of Japanese traditional patterns

Omatsuri -Bon-odori-

Students work through a series of activities based on the theme of bon-odori.


Students work through a series of activities on the theme of Mt Fuji with a focus on the environment and significant world heritage sites.

Taiko and the rhythm of Japanese

Students learn about the rhythm of Japanese focusing on haku (mora). In activities using their hands, feet drums etc. students become familiar with the pronunciation of Japanese words.

Play: The Big Turnip

This play, based on a Russian folktale, comes from a collection of plays and skits created by the ACT Japanese teachers’ group for use in their primary and junior secondary classrooms. Students work cooperatively in groups or as a class to prepare and perform the play for their classmates or at a school event.
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