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Katakana mini books

To the teacher

This collection of Katakana mini books and the Digital Flip Books have been created to support the teaching and learning of katakana. It contains nine books. 

Throughout the collection, each book introduces five katakana characters at a time covering 45 katakana characters in total. Many foreign words, expressions, and onomatopoeia are introduced.  Please note that ヲ is not included in the books as it is rarely used in modern Japanese contexts. The Katakana mini books make reading enjoyable, enabling students to become fluent and confident readers.

Each book comprises an eight-page short story dealing with familiar situations and responses that are lively and relatable. Supported by colourful illustrations, each story has an interesting twist at the end to keep students entertained.

The Katakana mini books allow students to effortlessly learn and revise katakana script in context through frequent reading.

How to use the resource

1.  Table of Contents
Please click on the purple bar to reveal the book titles with the newly introduced katakana characters and word list.
2.  Printable Colour Version (PDF) for creating books
Please follow the instructions on how to print the printable version (PDF) here.
3.  Digital Flip Books
Please click on the image below to see the flip book.

How to create mini books

Step 1

Print the PDF folder onto A4 thick paper and place it as it is shown below.

* Please note that the scale in the print screen should be changed to 100%.

Step 2

Fold the paper in the middle and cut it as shown in the red dotted line below.

Step 3

Glue on the back pages and fold them into the shape of the book.

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The Katakana mini books were created by Himiko Negishi-Wood, with assistance from Natsumi Yajima for layout and design. Illustration by Kahori ( (January 2022)

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