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Manga: Bumbuku Chagama

Students read a simple version of the folktale in a manga format and answer 3 questions on the story and themes. Students are introduced to the “tanuki” and learn a Japanese song with 4 animal names and sounds (こぶた、たぬき、きつね、ねこ).

Omusubi Activity

Students learn about the traditional Japanese food, omusubi, by learning how they are made and the popular fillings used. They answer questions in Japanese and read in hiragana the procedure for making them.

Manga: Sarukani Gassen

Students read the manga of the story of Sarukani gassen. They can then perform the skit or use it as a base for discussion on the theme of revenge. This story is known to all Japanese children; the tale of the battle between the monkey and the crab.

Manga: Taketori Monogatari

Students read the manga of the story of Kaguyahime. There are tasks to complete and discussion questions. They can also perform the skit or use it as a base for discussion on its themes and the topic of fairy tales.

Manga: Ikkyu san

Students learn about the historical figure Ikkyuusan by reading a manga created using very simple Japanese.

Manga: Ghost House

Students read a ghost story and put the jumbled word cards OR jumbled picture cards in order.

Manga: High School Valentine’s Day

Students put manga sections back in to their correct order as they read about Erin’s Valentine’s Day disaster. Erin decides to give a boy chocolates then finds out he already has a girlfriend. There is a lot of colloquial language spoken between the characters.
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