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ABOUT せつぶん

せつぶん is an event celebrated around 3 February each year. It originally marked the division of seasons, but now it refers specifically to the last day of winter. On this day, people wish for good health in the beginning of the new season.


Through the slides, students learn about what kind of event せつぶん is and what people do on that day.

You can change the language in the slides to suit your students’ Japanese level.

There is also additional information in the slide notes. Please refer to it appropriately.

SETSUBUN (pptx 8.88MB)


Let’s role play “THE ONI’S BRIDE.”

This is a story of an oni who helped a farmer and a woman who became his bride in return.

Useful Links for Activities
  • Enjoy せつぶん with origami!

Students can create various おに decorations, boxes for まめ, and more.

  • Make おに Mask (PDF)

Students can make their own おに mask to wear.

Setsubun Oni Mask Template
  • Sing a song for せつぶん (video)

Resource created by Shoko Adachi (January 2024).

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