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Senior Secondary

Sumo Quiz

Students can learn about basic vocabulary,the origins and rules of sumo through quiz.

Developing Language through culture with YURUKYARA

Series of activities exploring the topic of Yuru-kyara, culminating with a creative writing task 'Create your own ゆるキャラ'

Developing language and culture using furoshiki

Students learn about the history and vocabulary of furoshiki, and then try wrapping various objects.

Japanese Language and Culture through Rakugo

Students get to know about rakugo by answering a rakugo quiz and watching a YouTube video of Katsura Sunshine, a foreign-born professional rakugo storyteller.

Survey the Class

Students survey each other about their likes and dislikes, experience & abilities.

Tokyo Sightseeing with Relative Clauses

Using sightseeing spots around Tokyo as the subject matter, students create complex descriptive sentences.

My Future Dreams: Giving Reasons

Students circulate around the classroom trying to find the person who has the other half of the sentence which matches their half. Each sentence is joined with the conjunction から.

Tourists in Australia

Students answer questions giving advice for the situations described by the teacher.

Definitions Using a Relative Clause

Students practise making sentences with relative clauses. The categories are Animals, Subjects and Places. The students must match the word card with the description provided. Each description contains sentences with relative clauses.
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