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KATAKANA Memory Hint Worksheets

KATAKANA Memory Hint Worksheets

Developing typing skills for beginners

Developing typing skills for beginners

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Activity Booklet

This activity booklet is a collection of worksheets created as a special edition resource for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Sumo Quiz

Students can learn about basic vocabulary,the origins and rules of sumo through quiz.

Sumo classroom games

Students learn about sumo rituals and play various sumo games in class.

Sumo Picture Book

Students make a virtual visit to the Sumo stable, reading about the life of a novice sumo wrestler in Japan,  オージーの山  (lit. Aussie’s Mountain).

Japanese traditional patterns

Students work through a series of activities based on the theme of Japanese traditional patterns

Let’s Go to the Zoo!

This resource is a newly revised version of the Big Book in a PPT format. Students make a virtual visit to the zoo, using Japanese as they go around the zoo and talk to/about the animals.

Musical Statues: Train to become a Ninja!

Students disguise themselves as animals and learn animal names and their calls/cries in Japanese as part of a camouflage training drill. They then participate in a Ninja musical statue game.
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