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Terms of Use

About Classroom Resources

Thank you very much for visiting the Classroom Resources webpage of The Japan Foundation, Sydney. The webpages contain teaching resources created by the language consultants at The Japan Foundation, Sydney.  All the resources include instructions, and the levels are aimed at primary and secondary students.  It is hoped that teachers will not only use these teaching resources as they are, but will change them to suit their needs and will apply the ideas in them to other language materials.

The classroom resources are produced in accordance with the following terms of use. By accessing and using this website, you are deemed to have agreed to these site policies.

Site Policy

Permission to Copy

The classroom resources are copyrighted. However, The Japan Foundation, Sydney gives permission for copies to be made by teachers without commercial gain in quantities sufficient for use by bona-fide students.


(1) The copyrights (or intellectual property rights) for information carried on this site, such as text, illustrations, pictures, and images, all belong to The Japan Foundation, Sydney unless otherwise stated.

(2) The information carried on this site cannot be reprinted or reproduced, wholly or in part for any purpose other than own class use for their students.

(3)The resources can only be used by teachers to personally teach their class of students, and cannot be uploaded or re-shared to a third-party platform.

(4) The information carried on this site can be quoted for mainly educational purposes, etc. and within the scope specified by law. In this case, please give a credit in the following way: for example, “Courtesy of The Japan Foundation, Sydney”.

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