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Hobbies Bingo Game

Students try to be the first one to get four names in a row (horizontally, vertically and diagonally) on their sheet.




Make a copy of the Hobbies Bingo Sheet for each student.


  1. The sheet can be used to introduce or revise vocabulary and expressions.
  2. If more practice is required, the activity can continue until a student completes, say, 3 rows of the whole sheet.
  3. If the teacher whites out the words under the pictures, the pictures alone become the stimulus for asking questions. The sheet then becomes a multipurpose resource which can be used with a variety of patterns, such as:
  • ~(こと)がすきですか (Do you like~ ?)
  • ~(こと)ができますか (Can you~?)
  • ~(し)たことがありますか (Have you ever~?)

(In some cases, teaches may need to change some of the pictures.)

  1. The picture sheet can be used to generate a simple pattern or a complex one, eg. おんがくがすきですか、おんがくをきくことがすきですか, and the same picture can produce a variety of questions, eg. ラグビーをみることがすきですか、ラグビーをすることがすきですか
  2. Several patterns can be used in the same activity. If it is indicated on the sheet, students can ask よく~しますか about the hobbies in the first row of the sheet, ~がすきですか about the second row, etc.
  3. To add interest to the activity, はい or いいえ can be inserted under the pictures at random. Then when students are asking each other questions, the response can only be counted if it corresponds to はい or いいえ as indicated.
Hobbies Bingo Sheet (Word 1267KB)
Hobbies Bingo Sheet (PDF 513KB)

Resource created by Eiko Nakamura, Cathy Jonak and Michie Akahane-Suparman (August 1994).

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