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Location of Objects

Students complete worksheet(s) on giving the location of objects around the classroom.


  1. The teacher hides things such as えんぴつ、シャープペン (mechanical pencil)、はさみ (scissors)、のり (glue)、けしごむ、ボールペン (ball-point pen)、マジック (marker)、ノー ト、じしょ (dictionary) and せんひき (ruler) around the classroom before the students come in.
  2. Copy Sheet A.
Sheet A (PDF 449KB)


Whole Class

The teacher explains that he/she has hidden the above objects somewhere in the classroom. Students learn or review the words if necessary. Every student is given a copy Sheet A.
Students write the objects mentioned in the Item column of Sheet A.
Students then try to guess where each object is by asking yes/no questions like:
The teacher answers the students’ question with はい or いいえ. If the student guesses right, he/she gets a point.
The teacher or student records the point. When each object is found, the student confirms the location by writing a statement about it in the Location column of Sheet A.
The activity continues until every thing is found, and the student with the most points wins.


  1. The same activity can be done in groups or pairs.
  2. Using the objects above, TRUE OR FALSE can be played.


The teacher hides various objects around the classroom before the students come in. The objects are hidden according to the statements on Sheet B, except for three items, which are hidden elsewhere.

Sheet B (PDF 280KB)

Resource created by Eiko Nakamura, Cathy Jonak and Michie Akahane-Suparman (April 1994).

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