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Quiz: About Japan

Students learn about Japanese language and culture through a quiz-style slideshow, which contains multiple choice questions with visual cues. Question and answer slides are followed by an explanatory slide which gives context and detail. Teachers’ notes provide further details.

Composition Writing

Students practise constructing compositions, using 5 Steps. The process teaches students to think about the structure of their texts and plan in advance. Sample texts and questions come from HSC Online.

Location of Objects

Students complete worksheet(s) on giving the location of objects around the classroom.


Students play a board game about school. They advance according to their ability to talk about what happens in their school in Japanese. Chance cards provide an added element of luck.

Using Flash Cards

Students can learn new vocabulary and play various games using the flashcards which cover many topics.

Japanese Obentō Activities

Students look at photos, video and a song to learn about the components of obentoo.They can also make a virtual obento using the link to the Erin site.

Make a Photo Story

Students make a digital photo presentation using software such as ‘Photo Story' and ‘iPhoto' as a starter project for making videos. This will enable students to gain skills in making an audiovisual presentation, making it easier to create good videos later.

Manga: High School Valentine’s Day

Students put manga sections back in to their correct order as they read about Erin’s Valentine’s Day disaster. Erin decides to give a boy chocolates then finds out he already has a girlfriend. There is a lot of colloquial language spoken between the characters.
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