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Learners Stories

Where Can Japanese Take You?

This series of Learners Stories focuses on the experiences of Japanese learners who have had the opportunity to utilise their language through their interests or their career. Learn how they got involved in Japanese and their specific areas of interest, and pick up tips on how you too can use your language. Broaden your horizons and discover where Japanese can take you!


Derek Baines is a poet and novelist and also a senior manager in the airline industry. He has been learning and speaking Japanese for many years, since high school. Derek has worked in Japan and Australia in diverse roles in education, trade and tourism, using his Japanese language skills all along the way. He travels regularly to Japan to work, to research new writing projects, and to just enjoy time with friends while walking in the countryside.


Christy Lam began studying Japanese formally in 2017 after moving to Sydney, and recently achieved level N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). She aims to move to Japan to continue her studies.

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