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Japanese Language

We support and advocate Japanese language education in Australia through our programs and events.

Current and future learners of Japanese can develop language skills through J-Course (Japanese language classes for adults) and our study resources. Take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and get your skills recognised or use your language skills outside of the classroom by participating in our annual student contests.

Japanese language teachers can enhance teaching careers through our professional development initiatives, conferences and events. We also offer grants, teaching resources and more.

For Learners

For Teachers

Community Language **New**

REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Japanese Language Seminar with UNSW (July 2021)

Title: Supporting Children’s Self-Development: Contemplating The Future Language Of Japanese-Heritage Children

Yomikikase: Japanese Storytime for Children

A storytelling and craft-making event for children at The Japan Foundation Sydney, Library

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