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Video Matsuri is an online short film festival for students in primary, secondary and tertiary education in Australia and New Zealand.

Give it a try! There are no restrictions on style or theme for the film, as long as it is age appropriate. You can produce a comedy, a drama, or a documentary! Get creative, put on those acting skills, and have fun with Japanese!

2023 Contest opening soon!

2023 Signature item: Toothpaste


Entries must:

  • be from current Australian and New Zealand students.
  • be strictly no longer than 3 minutes (including credits).
  • contain mostly Japanese language script. Some English is acceptable but the script should be mostly Japanese. Please see ‘Judges’ Tips‘ for some hints about the use of Japanese.
  • include the signature item of the year.

The signature item for 2022 is furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth).

The signature item adds a little fun to the competition each year. The item should appear somewhere in the short film. It could appear somewhere as a prop, be mentioned verbally or in text on the screen, or somehow otherwise form part of the film.


  • Primary
  • Junior Secondary (Year 7 – 10)
  • Senior Secondary (Year 11 – 12)
  • Tertiary


One winner from each division will be chosen, with the possibility of two in the case of a tie in one of the categories.

◇ Division winners will receive:

  • 1 x engraved trophy per entry
  • 1 x $100 voucher from MADMAN per entry, thanks to Madman Entertainment
  • 1 x anime online streaming platform subscription, thanks to Madman Entertainment

◇  Special Mentions will receive:

  • 1 x special mention certificate per entry
  • 1 x choice of DVD from MADMAN per entry, thanks to Madman Entertainment


Each year we create a PDF poster highlighting the signature item. Print it off and hang it up as inspiration to enter. Teachers/lecturers, print it out and hang it in your classroom and spread the word. The contest also makes for a great extension or assessment activity.


Upload to YouTube and complete the online form below.

Entries close: September 1, 2022

Entry form

Contest results will be announced in mid November 2022

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