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Japanese as a Community Language

Japanese as Community Language

The Japan Foundation, Sydney’s reference to ‘Japanese as community language’, as opposed to ‘Japanese as a community language’, is deliberate. As borders and boundaries become increasingly blurred in the 21st century, a trend has emerged to dispose of the idea of ‘language’ as separate and countable components, and instead consider it more a fluid and evolving concept as families become increasingly globalised and multicultural.

As part of JPF Sydney’s support of Japanese language education, we support the Australian Network for Japanese as Community Language and run a series of bimonthly Japanese education seminars with UNSW exploring the theme of raising Japanese-speaking children in Australia. These seminars are conducted in Japanese.

We also provide other useful information on this theme.

国際交流基金シドニー日本文化センターセンターでは、 日本語教育支援の一環として、 豪州繋生語研究会を応援しています。
また、「オーストラリアで日本語を使う子どもを育てる」をテーマに、 ニューサウスウェールズ大学と共催 のもと、セミナーシリーズを展開しています。


Upcoming events

REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Japanese Language Seminar with UNSW (Jul 2021)

Title: Supporting Children’s Self-Development: Contemplating The Future Language Of Japanese-Heritage Children

Yomikikase: Japanese Storytime for Children

A storytelling and craft-making event for children at The Japan Foundation Sydney, Library

Past Seminars

JPF UNSW Seminar April 2021

SEMINAR 4 VOD: Japanese language Seminar with UNSW (Apr 2021)

Title: Read aloud to nurture children’s own language development: From reading a book TO children to reading WITH children

Presented by Prof Masako Douglas, California State University

Seminar 3 VOD: Japanese language Seminar with UNSW (Feb 2021)

Title: The language of children with connections to Japan living in Australia

Presented by Ms Sei Miwa, University of Tübingen, Germany

Japanese Language Seminar with UNSW Dec 2020

Seminar 2 VOD: Japanese Language Seminar with UNSW (Dec 2020)

Title: Children crossing borders (CCB) in Australia

Presented by Prof Ikuo Kawakami, Waseda University

Seminar 1 VOD: Japanese Language Seminar with UNSW (Oct 2020)

Title: Raising Japanese language speakers: Report from a study of Japanese learners as a heritage language in NSW

Presented by Chihiro Kinoshita Thomson, UNSW Sydney

Useful resources

Japan-related community organisations in Australia

An interactive map and list of Japan-related organisations including language schools, preschools, consulates, reading groups, interest groups and more

Library resources on heritage language education

A reading list of resources on bilingualism in children and heritage language education available at The Japan Foundation, Sydney Library

Facebook Group: Raising Japanese-speaking children in Australia

The official Facebook page for the Australian Network for Japanese as Community Language  (in Japanese)

Community group: Tsunagu Germany

A community connecting plurilingual families with the aim to support linguistic development in children with cultural links to Japan (in Japanese)

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