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VOD Registration: Japanese Language Education Seminar with UNSW (Oct 2020)



[VOD] Raising Japanese language speakers: Report from a study of Japanese learners as a Heritage Language in NSW





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VOD Registration: Japanese Language Education Seminar with UNSW (Oct 24, 2020)
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Message from Professor Chihiro Kinoshita Thomson
In this seminar, I would like to examine together with participants, who are parents and guardians, educators and teachers, the languages in our daily lives, and what it means to bring up children as a Japanese speaker in Australia. First, I would like to share the results of our preliminary study in NSW conducted earlier this year and to highlight some points found in the study, developing discussions from here. Then, discussion rooms will be set up so that participants can freely share their experiences and thoughts on the topic.

※本セミナーは日本語で行われました。This seminar was conducted in Japanese. 

トムソン木下 千尋 (とむそん きのした ちひろ)
ニューサウスウェールズ大学 教授


Chihiro Kinoshita Thomson is an internationally recognised educator and researcher of the Japanese language as well as a mother. She has served as President of the Japanese Studies Association of Australia (2009-2011) and the Chair of the Board of the Global Network of Japanese Language Education (2007 – 2009 & 2012 – 2016). Chihiro joined UNSW in 1993 where she teaches Japanese language and supervises postgraduate students in applied linguistics, pedagogy, and second language acquisition. Her research involves Australian learners of Japanese, including those with Japanese heritage, their characteristics, their language acquisition processes, their learning environments, as well as how we can best support their learning. She has received a number of awards including, a Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation (2016) and the Society for Teachers of Japanese as a Foreign Language award (2019).


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