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Title: The Language of children with Connections to Japan Living in Australia
Presenter: Ms Sei Miwa
Japanese language lecturer
Department of Japanese Studies at the University of Tübingen, Germany
<Held on February 27, 2021>

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講師:三輪 聖 (みわ せい)
ドイツ テュービンゲン大学 専任日本語講師



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Ms Sei Miwa

Japanese language lecturer
Department of Japanese Studies at the University of Tübingen, Germany


Ms Sei Miwa is a Japanese language lecturer in the Department of Japanese Studies at the University of Tübingen. She has been living in Germany since 2004, and has participated in numerous universities and adult education institutions for Japanese language education. She has gained experience teaching at extracurricular schools while living in Berlin and is currently raising her sixteen-year-old son in Germany. She was inspired to research the meaning/importance of learning Japanese in Europe from her various teaching experiences. She is the vice president of Japanisch an Hochschulen(German Japanese Language Education Research Society) and also part of the European Japanese teachers association SIG project, aiming to construct a foundation for the ‘heritage Japanese language network’ in Europe. Her publications include‘How to Empower Democratic Citizenship’ (Hituzi Shobo) and‘Citizenship Education against right-wing Populism’ (Akashi Shoten).

Message from the presenter

‘Heritage language speakers’ refers to those who speak multiple languages and live cross-culturally. What, then, is the meaning for children to learn Japanese, the language spoken in their homes? Similarly, how should a parent handle children speaking Japanese in the home? This seminar will explore language used between families, using examples from Germany. I would like to invite you to explore this topic in respect to ‘children with connections to Japan living in Australia‘and their families. I look forward to seeing everyone online.


三輪 聖 (みわ せい)

ドイツ テュービンゲン大学 専任講師





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