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Title: Children Crossing Borders (CCB) in Australia
Presenter: Professor Ikuo Kawakami
Graduate School of Japanese Applied Linguistics at Waseda University, Japan
<Held on December 4, 2020>

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講師:川上 郁雄(かわかみ いくお)
早稲田大学大学院日本語教育研究科 教授、博士(大阪大学)




【Session Language】

This seminar was conducted in Japanese. 



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Professor Ikuo Kawakami

Graduate School of Japanese Applied Linguistics at Waseda University


Professor Ikuo Kawakami is a professor of the Graduate School of Japanese Applied Linguistics at Waseda University. Prior to this, he studied on exchange at the University of Queensland in 1988. From 1990 to 1992, he worked as a Japanese language education advisor of the Japan Foundation for the Ministry of Education, Queensland. During that time, he enrolled his daughter in a local elementary school in Brisbane. The experience served as an inspiration for his research on “Children Crossing Borders (CCB)”. After returning to Japan, he worked as a Professor at the Miyagi University of Education before taking up his current position at Waseda University in 2002. Over the years, he has continued his research on CCB in Japan and across the world. His publications include: “Watashi mo idōsuru kodomo datta: kotonaru gengo no aida de soddatta kodomotachi no raifusutōrī ” [I am “Children Crossing Borders” too: Life Stories of Children Who Were Brought Up between Different Languages] (Kuroshio Publishing), “Imin no kodomotachi no gengo kyōiku: ōsutoraria no eigo gakkō de manabu kodomotachi” [Language Education for Immigrant Children – Children Studying at Australian English Schools] (Oceania Publishing, Australian-Japanese Exchange Fund Sir Neil Curry Publishing Award).

Message from the presenter

Do your children take classes in English at school and use Japanese at home or at Japanese supplementary schools? Do they speak both English and Japanese at home, for example using English with their father and Japanese with their mother? How should we raise children under these circumstances? I would like to explore this theme together with you while listening to the voices of the children. What do children think of English and Japanese, Australia and Japan? How do they perceive themselves and how do they want to live their lives? There are some key insights to be found in the voices of the children.


川上郁雄(かわかみ いくお)

早稲田大学大学院日本語教育研究科 教授、博士(大阪大学)





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