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Japanese Learning for Communication -A Marugoto Approach-

Japanese Learning for Communication -A Marugoto Approach- 

How to use 「Let’s discover!」to spark student’s awareness


※This lab will be conducted in Japanese. 本ラボは日本語で行われます。

One in a series of events introducing the Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture textbooks developed by The Japan Foundation.

Using the Activity book from Marugoto Elementary 2 as an example, we will focus on the 「Let’s discover!」section. Focusing on group discussions amongst participating teachers, we will share practical ideas for how to effectively implement this section and where to place it within the chapter as a whole.
While relaxing and having fun conversation, let’s find innovations you’ll want to try the very next day!

*We plan on continuing our Marugoto event series in 2022. Stay tuned!


Teachers (including private tutors) who are currently using Marugoto, or have used Marugoto before.
*Participation is not contingent on country of residence or affiliation
*Previous experience with our Marugoto Seminar Series is preferred, but not required.

Note: We will be referencing Marugoto Elementary 2 Activity Book, Lesson 15 for the seminar. If you do not own the relevant textbook, you may access a sample on the Marugoto Website.

About “Marugoto, Japanese Language and Culture:”

This course book was developed for adult overseas learners.

There are 6 levels ranging from absolute beginner to intermediate. (This represents levels A1-B1 in the Japan Foundation Standard.)

Digital ebook editions are available for purchase on Google Play or

*A reference sample of the Marugoto series is available on the Marugoto Website.

国際交流基金編著『まるごと 日本のことばと文化』の紹介セミナーです。

『今回は『まるごと 初級2』の「かつどう」第15課を例に、「発見しましょう」にフォーカスしていきます。この部分の有効的な進め方、そして課全体の中での位置づけや役割について、参加者同士のグループディスカッションを中心に進めながら、実践に向けたアイデアを共有していきます。



対象: 『まるごと』を使っている、または使ったことがある教師(プライベートレッスンも可)

備考:当日は『まるごと 初級2』「かつどう」第15課を使用します。

『まるごと 日本のことばと文化』について



電子書籍でもご購入になれます。(Google Play, Amazon Kindle)


Registrations for this seminar will OPEN on November 10, 2021 (Wednesday) at 1pm AEDT.


Register Here

A reminder message with the Zoom link will be sent to your email at 1pm on November 26 (Friday), 48 hours before the seminar. If you do not receive the email, please check your junk/spam email first and then contact us.


A participation certificate will be issued to participants who request one in the feedback form after the session.


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Lab Details

November 28, 2021 (Sunday)
1pm-3pm AEDT
(Convert to your local timezone)

**The online conference room opens 10min before the session**


This event will be held online via web conference.


Free; Registrations essential.
Max. 25 participants.

Registrations Open

November 10 (Wednesday) at 1pm AEST

Registration Deadline

November 23 (Tuesday)

Admissions on first-come-first-serve basis.


(02) 8239 0055

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