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Vocabulary Enrichment Game

Students play a game where they must think of a word within a certain category to get a point. Play continues around the group and the student with the most points is the winner.


The teacher writes categories on the board such as verbs, adjectives, nouns for transport, foods, etc.


Students form groups of 5, get into a circle and decide who will be ‘it’ by じゃんけん.
The person who is ‘it’ sits in the centre of the circle.
‘It’ asks the rest of the people in the group ‘Iu ka, Iwan ka? (Will you say or not?)’ and they say ‘Iimasu, iimasu (I’ll say)’.
Pointing to one member of the group with the stick, ‘it’ calls out one of the categories on the board, eg. verbs.
The player pointed to says any verb he/she can think of.
If the player gives a verb correctly, he/she gets a point.
‘It’ then points to a second player and calls out another category, eg. transport.
The activity continues in this way until a player cannot answer or gets the category wrong, and then he/she becomes ‘it’.
The teacher may set a time limit, and the one in each group who gets the most points in the given time is the winner.


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