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KATAKANA Memory Hint Worksheets

Explanatory Notes

KATAKANA Memory Hint Worksheets are designed to support teachers in introducing how to write Katakana characters with correct stroke orders and provide practice for their students.

The illustrations on these worksheets are based on the KATAKANA Memory Hint app / Flashcards. To get the most out of these resources and learn more effectively, students are encouraged to use the KATAKANA Memory Hint Worksheets in combination with the app and Flashcards.

For more information on flashcards, visit:

These worksheets are created in PDF format.  Teachers may select the pages of Katakana corresponding to what is taught in class, creating a set that reinforces learning.

Katakana worksheets are organised in two different PDF files.

・カタカナ Worksheets A: Single katakana per page

・カタカナ Worksheets B: Five katakana (eg. ア~オ) per page

These worksheets are designed to be printed out with two worksheets per one A4 page.


Katakana in the air

The teacher stands in front of the class and writes a large Katakana character on the whiteboard. They then ask the students to trace along with their fingers in the air. Teacher and students say aloud the stoke number as they write. 「いち、に、さん…」

Katakana Karate


The teacher writes a couple of Katakana characters on the whiteboard. Students stand up with their feet shoulder-width apart. The teacher calls out a Katakana character eg, Katakana の「キ!」. The teacher and students then move their hands in a quick Karate style motion to trace the shape of the Katakana characters.  Everyone calls out the number of strokes for each move. The teacher and students say aloud the stoke number as they write. 「いち、に、さん…」


Kakijun (stroke order) relay

Students are divided into 3-4 groups and a student from each group comes to the front of the class to compete in writing a katakana character with the correct stroke order on the whiteboard. The teacher shows the contestants which letter they are going to write and tells the class how many strokes are required to make up the character.  Everyone in the class calls out stroke numbers in Japanese eg,「いち、に、さん…」while the contestants write the Katakana on the board.

The contestant(s) who write the Katakana with the correct stroke order is awarded points for their team. The group that gets the most points wins.

Resource created by The Japan Foundation, Sydney, designed by Kosaku Makino (December 2020).

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