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HIRAGANA Memory Hint Worksheets

Explanatory Notes

HIRAGANA Memory Hint Worksheets are designed to support teachers in introducing how to write Hiragana characters with correct stroke orders and provide practice for their students. 

The illustrations on these worksheets are based on the HIRAGANA Memory Hint app / Flash cards. To get the most out of these resources and learn more effectively, students are encouraged to use the HIRAGANA Memory Hint Worksheets in combination with the app / Flash cards. 

For more information on flashcards, visit: 

These worksheets are provided in a PDF format.  Teachers may select the pages of Hiragana corresponding to what is taught in class, creating a set that reinforces learning.

Hiragana worksheets are produced in two different PDF files.

  • ひらがな Worksheet A: Single hiragana per page
  • ひらがな Worksheet B: Five hiragana (eg あ~お)per page

This worksheet has been designed for printing two pages on one sheet (A4). Please ensure that you print two pages (B5) per side.


Hiragana in the air

Teachers stand in front of class and write a large Hiragana character on the white board then ask students to trace along with their fingers in the air. Teacher and students say aloud the stoke number as they write. 「いち、に、さん…」

Hiragana with body parts

Students write Hiragana with their body parts. 

Eg, Teacher calls out  eg,  あしでかいて、Hiraganaの「き!

Students write き in the air with their foot.

Hiragana Taikyokuken

Teacher and students move their body in a Taichi style movement to follow the shape of Hiragana characters.  Everyone says the number of a strokes as they move.

Senaka moji

Students sit in a row of 6-8 people, facing forward. 

The teacher shows hiragana to the backmost student.

That student then writes the letter on the back of the person in front. The person in front then writes that letter on the back of the person in front of them and so on. The student at the very front will then get up and write that hiragana character on the board to check the answer.

Alternatively, everyone in the line can start writing at the same time.


Check and give instant feedback on students writing

① Whiteboard. Fi (

This is a free online whiteboard tool in English. Teacher can create a class instantly and let the students join gaining access to the digital whiteboard on their computer screen.  This is useful especially when teachers want to check the student’s stroke orders or assess their writing during online lessons.  

② AI assessment tool  (

This is a Japanese website that assesses the shape of your hiragana character. An AI will give you score out of 100 to reflect how closely you drew the character. A line thickness of at least 10px is recommended for the AI to register your input. First write any hiragana character in the box provided and press the grading button. Then select which character you wrote and your mark will be displayed on the screen. This resource can be used online or through an application on your smartphone or ipad.

Resource created by The Japan Foundation, Sydney, designed by Kosaku Makino (October 2020).

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