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Definitions Using a Relative Clause

Students practise making sentences with relative clauses. The categories are Animals, Subjects and Places. The students must match the word card with the description provided. Each description contains sentences with relative clauses.


Cut out sets of word cards from the card sheets and shuffle the cards.


As an introduction, the teacher shows a card (e.g. いしゃ) and tells students what category the noun belongs to (e.g.人です。). The students then practise asking questions using relative clauses that would enable them to find out what it is.
eg. それは何色のふくをきている人ですか?それはだれかをたすける人ですか。
The teacher may need to guide students so that they don’t ask questions using simpler patterns.
After this preliminary practice, pairs of students are given a set of word cards.

Note: If students find that it is difficult to make a relative clauses sentence instantly, they can be given some preparation time.


An easier variation of the game can be played using the definition cards – 1, 2 and 3. Students in pairs or groups take turns to read the definition and to guess the appropriate word.
The definition cards can be used with the word cards to play a matching game in which students compete to match words to definitions as quickly as possible.
In another variation, students in groups use a set of word cards, taking turns to pick up a card. The student with the card has to think of a definition for that word and say it to the group. Group members then try to guess what the word is to get points.

Resource created by Himiko Negishi, Cathy Jonak and Yohei Arakawa (November 1996).

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