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Let’s Go to the Zoo!

This resource is a newly revised version of the Big Book in a PPT format. Students make a virtual visit to the zoo, using Japanese as they go around the zoo and talk to/about the animals.

How to use the resource

This resource comprises a PPT big book, teacher’s notes and picture cards. For a detailed explanation on how to use this resource, please see the teacher’s notes.

Big Book (PPT 4546KB)
Teacher’s notes (PDF 737KB)

Scene 1: Leaving the house

Scene 2: Meeting the animals

Scene 3: Celebrating birthdays

Scene 4: Having lunch

Scene 5: Identifying Australian native animals

Scene 6: Leaving the zoo

Additional Resources

Animal Hiragana Katakana Cards (PDF 111KB)
Animal Picture Cards (PDF 688KB)

Resource created by Mayumi Mitsuya and Himiko Negishi-Wood based on the big book published in 2002 by Himiko Negishi-Wood, Shingo Usami and Cathy Jonak (January 2019).

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