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Tadoku Reading Nights

Nihongo Tadoku – Reading Nights at the Library

Want to read Japanese books besides your textbook? Having trouble finding something entertaining that is also at your current reading skill?

Our reading nights are just the starting point you need. Enjoy fun, engaging material for quiet, self reading. All books are graded for difficulty. At the conclusion, there is also a short period for discussion with peers.


  • Can read hiragana and katakana
  • Best suited for Japanese learners from elementary to upper-intermediate level reading ability
  • 18 years and older

If you are a Japanese-language teacher at a high school and would like your students to experience Tadoku, we offer a Tadoku session at our Centre Visit for Schools program.

What is the Tadoku Method?

Known as ‘extensive reading’, the aim in Tadoku is to accumulate many enjoyable reading experiences over a short amount of time while only utilising existing language knowledge. Under the Tadoku method, you are discouraged from choosing difficult texts that includes frequent new grammar and vocabulary. You need to follow these four rules in order to maximise benefit from Tadoku.

  1. Choose an easy level to start.
  2. Do not use a dictionary.
  3. Skip words and phrases you do not understand.
  4. Too difficult or uninteresting content? Read a different book.


In our reading nights, the library provides books from the collection that are graded into six levels. Level 0 is the easiest level and is suitable for beginner learners who have just reached the point of being able to read Hiragana and Katakana. Levels 4 and 5 are for more advanced learners who are on the verge of reading an authentic Japanese book and therefore these levels contain some titles written for the general Japanese population such as manga and bestselling literature.

Free Online Resources

Enjoy these learner-friendly online resources while you stay safe at home.

  • Free eBooks hosted by Tadoku Supporters (levels 0 to 4)
    75 titles are available in an eBook format that you can read with your web browser.
  • Tadoku Nihongo Gakushū Tokuhon (levels 0 to 2)
    21 titles are available in PDF. Please choose a level below to download a file.
    level 0 / level 1 / level 2
  • Yomimono Ippai (levels 1 to 3)
    108 titles are available in PDF. Please choose a level below to download a file.
    level 1 / level 2 / level 3
  • News Web Easy (ungraded)
    NHK news scripts that are rewritten for Japanese-language learners. Scripts are supplemented with furigana, built-in pop-up dictionary and machine reading voice. Advanced learners can read the original script by clicking a button located at the bottom of the page.

(last updated December 3, 2021)


WHEN (2021)
6pm – 8pm

July 13 (Tue) – Cancelled
July 29 (Thu) – Cancelled

The Japan Foundation, Sydney
Level 4, Central Park
28 Broadway
Chippendale NSW 2008

Admission is free. RSVPs essential.
You may participate in any or all sessions


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(02) 8239 0055

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