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Reviews on Tumblr

Looking for a new book to read or a film to watch? Here is a collection of our Library’s recently reviewed items on Tumblr.

You can also visit our archive.

Killing Commendatore

Popular novelist Haruki Murakami wields his imagination deftly in this story revolving around a secret masterpiece hidden in the old studio of a famous painter. A thoroughly cohesive and satisfying work.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles

A beloved pet and his doting owner go on a road trip for the ages. Readers needn’t be fur tragics to enjoy this touching, humourous sojourn across Japan that offers more depth than first appearances suggest.

The Last Children of Tokyo

Elderly who age but don’t die and children who are born so frail that they seldom reach adulthood. The Last Children of Tokyo is an unusual sci-fi story of a poignantly different future society.

Your Name (light novel)

This is the book version of 2016’s hit animated film, Your Name. Written by Makoto Shinkai himself, it’s another chance to enjoy the heart-warming mystery and subtle details that make the story so complete.

A Tokyo Romance

Ian Buruma, now a noted author, recalls his early adulthood spent in Japan in the 1970s. He writes a candid account of a bohemian existence and the habits of similar minded expatriates.​

Japanese Arms and Armour

A perfect overview for anyone interested in Japan’s traditional swords and armour. This distinctive arsenal would be the results of a production process that saw generations of refinement in craftsmanship.

What’s Bonsai + Classic Bonsai of Japan

Serene and regal; bonsai are living works of art that uniquely require both aesthetic vision and botanical ability. It can take years of nurturing to grow an example and then decades to refine and maintain.

Punk Samurai Slash Down

Overthinking is taken to hilarious heights in this backstabbing samurai comedy. A hare brained tale is concocted as the excuse for a senseless murder which is then seized on by a castle full of schemers.

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