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Reviews on Tumblr

Looking for a new book to read or a film to watch? Here is a collection of our Library’s recently reviewed items on Tumblr.

You can also visit our archive.

Japanese Arms and Armour

A perfect overview for anyone interested in Japan’s traditional swords and armour. This distinctive arsenal would be the results of a production process that saw generations of refinement in craftsmanship.

What’s Bonsai + Classic Bonsai of Japan

Serene and regal; bonsai are living works of art that uniquely require both aesthetic vision and botanical ability. It can take years of nurturing to grow an example and then decades to refine and maintain.

Punk Samurai Slash Down

Overthinking is taken to hilarious heights in this backstabbing samurai comedy. A hare brained tale is concocted as the excuse for a senseless murder which is then seized on by a castle full of schemers.

An Introduction to Ukiyo-e, in English and Japanese

A fantastic jumping in point for appreciating Japanese woodblock prints. Besides covering some prominent artists it also features a photographic guide to the multi step process of drawing, carving and printing.

The Yukata Handbook

A total manual of yukata, from basic dressing process to coordination with accessories for classier look, not to mention a method of machine-washing cotton yukata.

Mr. Turtle

Offbeat and absurd yet entertaining in its incongruity. This is the story of a robotic turtle and his increasing difficulty in living a normal life when his amnesic past and a looming biological deadline conspire against him.

Tokyo Totem

Tokyo Totem is a collection of short articles each exploring a facet of Tokyo. There is an incredible variety of topics and composition can range from photos, maps, essays, fiction and even some manga.

Under the Midnight Sun

An addictive, intricate mystery that unfolds through a cast of satellite characters – all unwittingly caught in the gravity of an old murder.

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