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JFF School Screenings: Booking Form

Please be careful when entering booking details and double check before submitting the form. Once the payment is received, ticket numbers cannot be changed and no refunds can be issued for change of mind/mistakes made at the time of booking.

JFF School Screening Booking Form
Please double check your selection as no refunds can be issued for change of mind/mistakes made at the time of booking.
Street Address

Coordinating Teacher's Details

No. of Student Tickets Required

Please note that each school may only book up to 50 tickets, including all teachers and assistants. Tickets are $8 per person.
Maximum total of 48 Students

No. of Teacher Tickets Required

For bookings of 1-24 students, the school will receive 1 complimentary teacher/helper ticket.
For bookings of 25-48 students, the school will be receive 2 complimentary teacher/helper tickets.
You will receive an invoice via your designated email address within 7 days of submitting your booking form. Payments must be made within 4 weeks of invoice issuance.

Booking and Payment Process

  • Bookings must be made by the booking deadline for the city indicated.
  • An invoice will be generated and sent to your designated email address within 7 days of receiving your school’s booking. If you do not hear from us after 7 days of submitting your booking, please contact us at coordinators(A) to confirm.
  • Your school must pay for the booking by the payment deadline listed on your booking invoice (this will be 4 weeks from the time the invoice is generated.)
  • Schools will be able to pay for the tickets either as a cheque or EFT payment. Payment details will be sent to your designated email address along with your booking invoice.
  • We have a strict no refunds policy for change of mind/incorrect details entered at the time of booking so please be careful when entering your school’s booking details on the booking form. We advise caution when entering your school's booking details - especially with the number of student and teacher/assistant tickets.
  • Booking Terms and Conditions

  • Part 1 - Bookings
  • Bookings of 1-24 students will be given 1 free teacher/helper ticket. Bookings of 25-48 students will be given 2 free teacher/assistant tickets. All other teachers/assistants must pay $8 per person GST incl.
  • A maximum of 50 tickets including teacher/helper tickets may be booked by each school. This includes free tickets for accompanying teacher/helpers.
  • Allocated seating will be arranged prior to the screening day. No physical tickets will be issued on the day.
  • No additional tickets may be purchased on the day of the screening day.
  • Once payment has been received for your booking, ticket numbers cannot be changed and no refunds will be issued for change of mind/mistakes made at the time of booking.
  • All bookings are considered tentative until payments have been received by the payment deadline indicated on your invoice (i.e.: four weeks from the invoice date). Failure to make your payment by your designated payment deadline will result in the cancellation of your booking. We advise schools to promptly lodge their payment requests upon receiving your booking invoice.
  • Bookings made after the booking deadline for your corresponding city will not be accepted
  • Once your payment has been finalised, you will receive access to a Unit of Work for the film approximately one month before the JFF School Screenings event in your city.

  • Part 2 - On the Day of the School Screenings Event
  • Food and drinks purchased outside the cinema cannot be brought in.
  • All groups must arrive at the venue no later than 9:45am (unless otherwise instructed for cities with multiple screenings.)
  • Screenings begin at 10:00am sharp and will finish at 12:45pm (unless otherwise stated).
  • Teachers are requested to please notify the Japan Foundation staff at the door of your school name and number of students. You will receive a seating chart with your school's allocated seating listed and feedback sheets for your school. All students and staff must sit within the seating allocated to their school on the day.
  • To assist with the handling of large numbers of students, all groups are to remain seated for the duration of the screening until dismissed by the Japan Foundation staff.
  • At the end of the screening, we request that teachers please collect all completed feedback sheets for your school (both students' and staff's). These feedback sheets are to be placed in your school's booking envelope and returned to the Japan Foundation staff before leaving the cinema.
  • Enquiries

    For enquiries related to JFF School Screenings, please contact us at:

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