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Local Support Programs and Grants

Teaching Materials Grant

2017-18 Round 2 submissions are NOW OPEN. Grant applications must arrive at our Sydney office by 16 October 2017.

This grant is for schools in Australia who wish to supplement their budget to purchase teaching materials for their Japanese language program. There are 2 rounds for this Grant per a year.

There are two kinds of Programs in this Grant; New Program and Expanding Program. Please check the Guidelines below to determine which Program you should apply for.

2017-18 Support Program for Japanese Language Speech Contests

2017-18 Guidelines and Application Forms are now available.

For State/Territory Level Contests

This program is to assist to state/territory organisations that plan to hold state/territory level Japanese language speech contests by providing a monetary contribution towards the cost of the contest.

For Regional Level Contests

This program is to assist organisations who plan to hold regional level Japanese language speech contests by providing a monetary contribution towards the cost of the contest.

2017-18 Support Program for Seminars and Conferences Furthering Japanese Language Education

Applications for these grants are open all year round. 2017-18 guidelines and application forms are available now.

This program is designed to provide partial aid for seminars, workshops, training courses and academic meetings concerning Japanese language education carried out by Australian teachers’ associations, academic societies and higher educational and research institutions.

2017-18 Travel Grant for Teacher Professional Development

Applications are now open.

This grant provides funding for travel costs associated with attending conferences, seminars, and other professional development sessions for the purpose of improving one’s Japanese language teaching skills and expanding networking opportunities.

National Symposium on Japanese Language Education Travel Grant

This grant will be available again in 2018.

This grant provides funding towards travel and accommodation costs associated with attending the biennial National Symposium on Japanese Language Education. Please visit the NSJLE website for more information.

Other Japanese Language grants programs
Other grants offered by The Japan Foundation

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