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2018 Survey of Japanese Language Education

The Japan Foundation is conducting the 2018 Survey of Japanese Language Education. The survey is important as it helps us gain an accurate picture of the current state of Japanese language teaching across the world.  The results are frequently quoted in research papers and presentations at conferences, and the data also contributes to the development of Japanese language education resources and the policy decision and support. We would greatly appreciate your help!

As an example of how the 2015 Survey data has been used, this is a search engine for institutions offering Japanese language education in the world.

All schools, universities and other institutions teaching Japanese in Australia will receive information and instructions via email in mid May.

The response is due June 15, 2018.

You can also read about the importance of this survey in message by Hiroyasu Ando, the President of The Japan Foundation.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support.

Survey FAQ

Q. What is the Japanese Language Education Survey?

It’s a worldwide survey conducted by The Japan Foundation every 3 years. The results are frequently quoted in research papers and presentations at conferences, and the data also contributes to the development of Japanese language education resources and the policy decision and support.

Q. How will the survey be conducted?

The survey will be conducted online again this year. All schools, universities and other institutions in Australia teaching Japanese should receive a message from The Japan Foundation, Sydney starting from May 14, 2018, with an ID number and password unique to each institution. This ID and password are used to log into the online system to complete the survey.

Q. What address will the email be sent to?

If a Japanese language teacher’s name and email address is already in our database, an email will be sent directly to the teacher. Otherwise, an email will be sent to the main school/institutional email address and/or the principal/headmaster.

Q. What to do if you don’t receive an email by the end of May 2018?

Please contact us, with the following so that we can email you the log-in information.

  • Your name
  • Name of school/institution
  • State/Territory

Please ensure is saved in your contact list so that the message won’t become lost in your junk mail box.

Q. What will be asked in the survey?

The most important part of the survey is the data of how many people are currently learning Japanese and how many Japanese teachers we have in Australia. There will be other questions; some of which are mandatory to answer and others which are not.  Some basic information such as address, phone number and website may be prefilled from previous surveys.  Please update it if necessary.

Questions include:

  • Number of students learning Japanese
  • Number of Japanese language teachers

Q. Will the survey questionnaire be in English?

The questionnaire is available in both English and Japanese.

Q. How long will it take to complete the survey?

If you have the core information (number of students and teachers) handy, it can be completed in about 5 mins.

Q. What if there are more than two teachers at my school?

We request only one response per school/institution. The head of the Japanese language department is usually the best person to complete the survey.

Q. I teach at more than two schools. What should I do?

Please provide us a list of schools you are teaching at via email. We will send you an ID and password for each school. Your assistance in completing each survey would be very much appreciated.

Q. What if I started teaching at a different school since the last survey in 2015?

Please let us know via email the details of your previous school and current school so that we can update contact information of both schools.

Q. I don’t want to use the online system. Is there any other way I can participate in the survey?

Upon request, we can email you a survey questionnaire in PDF format. You can print it out, complete by hand, scan and return it via email, or post it to us.  Please contact us if you prefer this method.

Q. I have other questions which are not answered here.

Please contact us!


(02) 8239 0055

2018 Survey Response Form (Fillable PDF)

Steps for Fillable PDF Survey Response Form

  1. Please download the PDF file on your local hard drive (desktop, documents, download, etc)
  2. Type in your school information on the file (Please do not fill in the form directly on the your web browser such as google chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari , etc)
  3. Click “Save” on the program that you are opening the PDF file with.
  4. Change the name of the file to your School name.
  5. Please send this saved file to the file to check if the details of school is properly inputted on the PDF Response Form before sending it)
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