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Upper Advanced Course (B2-2)

The Upper Advanced Course aims to comprehensively develop students’ speaking, reading, listening and writing skills that they have developed so far in their Japanese study, and enable them to use more sophisticated and natural Japanese. You will discuss current affairs featuring in newspapers and TV news, as well as gain appreciation of the language through materials such as film and literature. Furthermore, you will develop the skills to comprehend technical and academic passages written in Japanese, and refine their ability to use Japanese with colleagues in the workplace, both in verbal and written interactions such as email.

The Upper Advanced Course corresponds to N1 level.

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Read a short story and understand the events and the motives for the characters’ actions.
  • Express their ideas and opinions with precision, present and respond to complex lines of argument.
  • Write clear, detailed texts on a variety of subjects related to their field of interest while synthesising and evaluating information and arguments from a number of sources.
  • Use the language fluently, accurately and effectively on a wide range of topics, marking clearly the relationships between ideas.
  • Understand most TV news and current affairs programmes.

Term 3 Contents

  • 日本の「今」を読み解く
  • 旅行記を読もう!
                    思い出の旅行 - 詳しく旅行記に書く
  • 文法と漢字 ブラッシュアップ

*Contents covered in Term 1 and Term 2

  • 「笑いと日本人」 コメディの視聴と分析
  • 「AIの脅威」 AI・ロボットの両義性を討論
  • ハンセン病と日本
                    小説 ドリアン助川著「あん」の読解
  • 人気ブログの分析
  • 「60年代」
                    映画「うつくしき獣」 鑑賞

「Upper Advancedコース」では、これまでに培ってきた「話す・読む・聞く・書く」総合的能力をさらに高め、より自然な日本語の活用を目標とします。新聞やTVニュースを題材に日本や世界の時事トピックを討論したり、日本語で映画や小説を楽しんだりもします。さらに専門的な文章などが理解できる読解力を身につけます。また同僚とのコミュニケーションや仕事に関するメールのやりとりなど、仕事の場面で使われる日本語にも注目します(N1レベル相当)。

Course Details (Term 3)

Course fee

$375/term: New students
$350/term: Continuing students

Course fee includes materials.

Morning class

Saturdays | July 28 – September 29, 2018  – Cancelled
Taught by Shoko Ono


There is no textbook for this course.

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