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How to Enrol

Applications for 2019

  • If you are a new student interested in applying for a non-beginner course (Elementary 1 and above) for Term 1 2019, please contact the J-Course team directly in January 2019, when course availability will be finalised.
  • Those who would like to join a beginner level course (Starter Course and 10 Week Taster Course) will be able to apply online from 3pm on December 10, 2018.
  • Current J-Course students will be contacted by the J-Course team with instructions on how to re-enrol. 

If you haven’t studied Japanese before, you are considered an ‘absolute beginner’. If you have studied Japanese previously, please see the information for New Students.

The Japan Foundation offers two regular courses suitable for absolute beginners. The Starter course is a year long program that commences twice a year, in February and in July (Term 1 and Term 3). The 10 Week Taster course is a term long course that runs four times a year, beginning in February, April, July and October (Terms 1 – 4). You can find more information on our courses here.

Starter Course Application Process
1. Submit an online application form via the JPF website, or in person at our office in Chippendale.
2. Once applications have been processed, you will receive an email with details on payment. Payment will be accepted through eventbrite, or with cash or credit card at our reception.
3. Once your payment has been finalised, your enrolment in J-Course will be confirmed. You will receive detailed class information a week before classes begin.

10 Week Taster Course Application process
1. Submit an online application form via Eventbrite, or in person at our reception with cash or credit card. You will be required to make payment when you submit your application.
2. Your enrollment will be finalised, and you will receive detailed class information a week before classes begin.

Beginner Course applications for Term 1, 2019 are now open.

Starter Course
Enrol Now
10 Week Taster Course
Enrol Now

This information is for new students who have studied Japanese previously.

Under Construction

We are currently in the process of updating our  “Marugoto” Self-Level Checker, so it is temporarily unavailable. If you would like to enrol in a course for next term (term 1, 2019) please contact the J-Course Team directly in Mid-January 2019, when class availability has been updated.



  • You can find information on our courses and their levels on the course overview page.

Enrolment for the Next Term

1. Application

You will receive an email from the J-Course team at the beginning of Week 8 of each term. You must submit this online application by Thursday of Week 9. Your seat for the class you are enrolled in will be secured until this date. After this deadline, your place may be offered to the next wait-listed applicant.


  • A course fee of $350 will apply for the following term.
  • This schedule applies from Term 2 to Term 4. Term 1 will follow a different schedule which current students will receive via email.

2. Payment

You will receive an email from the J-Course team regarding payment details and method after Thursday of Week 9. Please pay the term fees by Saturday of Week 10.

3. Confirmation 

You will receive an email confirming your payment and enrolment after Tuesday of Week 11.

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Term 1: Feb 4 – Apr 13
Term 2: Apr 29 – Jul 6
Term 3: Jul 22 – Sep 28
Term 4: Oct 7 – Dec 14

* J-Course terms run for 10 weeks each. As Monday, 10 June and 7 October are NSW public holidays, class will not run on these days but will be held instead on Friday, 15 June and 11 October respectively.


Photo: Brett Boardman

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