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Advanced Course (B2-1)


The Advanced Course aims to develop smoother communication skills in Japanese while building students’ understanding of Japanese culture and appropriate uses of Japanese in a variety of situations. You will learn vocabulary and expressions applicable to selected topics, using learning resources based on topical issues and news in Japanese society. Furthermore, you will develop the skills to use their Japanese appropriately in both formal and informal scenarios, as well as express their own thoughts about different subjects.
Join us and take a step closer toward becoming an advanced Japanese speaker!

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Scan quickly through long and complex texts, locating relevant details.
  • Express their ideas and opinions with precision, and present and respond to complex lines of argument convincingly.
  • Write clear, detailed texts on a variety of subjects related to their field of interest while synthesising and evaluating information and arguments from a number of sources.
  • Summarise a wide range of factual and imaginative texts, commenting on and discussing contrasting points of view and the main themes
  • Understand documentaries and the majority of films in standard dialect.

Term 4, 2020 Topics:

  • Education Learning and the Online Environment
  • Free time and leisure 2 How to enjoy Japanese films
  • Food and diet SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) seen through “Washoku”

The following topics were covered in Terms 1-3, 2020:

  • Language and Culture 1 The Age of Ninja and Samurai (Topic 9 of the textbook “Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture (Intermediate 2, B1)”)
  • Free time and leisure 1 Tokyo Olympics (Event volunteers)
  • Society 1 Social Media and Societal Change
  • Work and Professions Industries and “Co-existences”
  • Life Consultation on life
  • Travel and Transportation 1 Beyond experience tourism
  • Shopping Problem Solving When Shopping
  • Language and culture 2 Borderless Pop Culture
  • Society 2 COVID-19 and the “New Normal”



  • 教育 「学びとオンライン」
  • 自由時間と娯楽2 「日本映画の楽しみ方」
  • 食生活  「和食から見るSDGs (持続可能な開発目標)」


  • 『まるごと中級2』より 言語と文化1「忍者、侍、その頃は・・・」
  • 自由時間と娯楽1 「東京オリンピック(イベントのボランティア)
  • 社会1 「SNSが変える社会」
  • 仕事と職業 「産業と『共生』」
  • 生活と人生 「人は悩む」
  • 旅行と交通  「『コト消費』の観光へ」
  • 買い物 「ショッピングのトラブル解決」
  • 言語と文化2 「境界なきポップカルチャー」
  • 社会2  「コロナと“新しい日常”」

Course Details in Term 4

Course fee

$350/term + $20 administration fee*

* Students enrolling in the first term of the Starter course, and other new and returning students requiring a placement test will be charged a $20 non-refundable administration fee in addition to the $350 course fee when enrolling. 

Please note that the course fee does not include textbooks.

Evening class

Thursdays | October 8 – December 10, 2020
Taught by Keiko Nishiyama


To apply for the Advanced course, please email the J-Course team directly at jcourse(a), and include details of your Japanese language level. Please note that you will be required to take a level check test, which will be organised as soon as possible.

Classes will be held online until social distancing restrictions for COVID-19 have been lifted.

For the best experience with online classes and homework, we recommend using the following:
  • a computer or laptop (operating systems: Windows 10 or 8.1 / Mac OS X 10.10 or later),
  • the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari,
  • headphones with a microphone,
  • a web camera, and
  • a stable internet connection, with at least a 1.2Mbps download speed and 600kbps upload speed. You can test your internet speed here.


There is no textbook for this course.

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