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2021 Entry is now open!

Video Matsuri - Entry Form

Step 1: Upload your video entry to YouTube (unlisted).

Step 2: Complete this form to enter.

1. Video Details

2. School/University Details

3. Contact Person

Provide Japanese Teacher's name if etntering Primary/Secondary devision. Provide one contact person's name if entering Tertiary devison.
Include script writers, actors, directors, film-maker etc.

4. Uploading to YouTube

This is for privacy and also to prevent others from seeing your entry before the winners are announced!
Please copy and paste the unlisted YouTube video link for your entry.

5. Terms and Conditions

I confirm that my video is less than 3 minutes, as outlined in the Contest Rules.
If you have used ANY copyright material, please list below, with details of permission given. Please include these in the credits of your film or in the film description box on YouTube. Your film will to subject to YouTube copyright policies.
Permission is required from parents or guardians of all participants under the age of 18.

6. Certificate of Participation

1 certificate per each entry ONLY.

7. Feedback

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