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Resources: Japan in Australia

This page introduces resources related to the Japanese (Nikkei) diaspora in Australia, both past and present.

Cowra Japanese War Cemetery Online Database

Cowra Japanese War Cemetery Online Database is a bilingual open-access resource that hosts data from a comprehensive survey of the 524 graves in Cowra Japanese War Cemetery. The survey was conducted from 2016 to 2019, and the database identifies the many World War II Japanese civilian internees and prisoners of war who were interred in the cemetery.

Go to Cowra Cemetery database

‘Cowra Voices’ Audio-Visual Storytelling App

The Cowra Voices app is the result of a project to share the history of Cowra, one of the Australian sites where Japanese civilians and prisoners of war were interned during World War II. The app was launched in 2019 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the incident known today as the Cowra Breakout.

About the Cowra Voices project
Download the Cowra Voices app

Directory of Japanese Art and Culture in Australia (JAD)

The Directory of Japanese Art and Culture in Australia is an initiative of The Japan Foundation, Sydney which seeks to make visible the many arts and cultural practitioners in Australia whose backgrounds, training and/or practice are connected with Japan. The JAD is an online database that is searchable by state, artist name, or area of practice.

JAD database

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Photo by Mayu Kanamori. Source: Cowra Japanese War Cemetery Online Database.

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