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National Library of Australia to Cut Asia-Related Resources

In late 2019, The National Library of Australia (NLA) announced its intention to close its Asian Reading Rooms and discontinue collecting Asian material (with the exception of material from Indonesia, China and the Pacific Islands). Many Japan-related resources will be affected. More information is available via this Canberra Times article.

In line with this development, the NLA has been reviewing its subscriptions and has decided to cancel numerous services.

Which services will be cut?

Electronic resources
20 electronic subscriptions will be cancelled, including:

Print subscriptions
523 print subscriptions will be cancelled, including 135 Japan-related titles such as:

See the full list of cancelled print subscriptions. Note that electronic subscriptions to some titles may still be available.

Next Steps

The Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) has released a statement in response to this news and is in the process of establishing a working party. Please see the ASAA Statement on National Library of Australia for details on how to become involved.

The Japan Foundation, Sydney understands that these changes will affect Japan-related researchers in Australia and aims to keep scholars informed about developments. Subscribe to our J-Studies newsletter for updates.


Japan’s National Diet Library has recently introduced a free subscription service which allows access to its digital archive via registered overseas institutions.

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