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Japan-related community organisations in Australia

Japan-related community organisations in Australia

オーストラリア 日本語コミュニティーマップ

The Australian Network for Japan as Community Language has put together the interactive map below, which shows the location of a number of Japan- and Japanese-related community organisations across Australia.



Organisations / 機関

1. Japanese language community schools / 日本語補習校

2. Kindergartens / 幼稚園

3. Playgroups / プレイグループ

4. Japanese language schools, tutoring schools / 日本語学校・塾

5. Interest groups / 習い事

6. Religious groups / 宗教

7. Japanese ethnic community groups, social cultural groups / 日本人会・同好会

8. Japanese embassy and consulates / 在外公館

9. Libraries, children’s reading groups / 図書館・文庫

10. Japanese international schools, bilingual schools, and others / 日本人学校・バイリンガル・スクール・その他


If you know of any additional related organisations not featured on this map, please contact the Australian Network for Japanese as Community Language at the email address below.


(Last updated June 6, 2021 / 最終更新日 2021年6月6日)

How to use this Map


Use this map to search for a range of organisations in your area. You might find it helpful to click the box symbol in the top righthand corner of the map to view it in a separate window.


Click the rectangular icon in the top lefthand corner to show a list of organisations marked on the map.


A list of organisations will appear on the left.


Click/unclick the boxes to the left of the numbered list to narrow your search.

左の □ をクリックして選択すると、選んだ機関が表示されます。
絞り込むには、 他機関を選択から外してください。

Your refined search will appear on the map across Australia.


You can click on the carrot below the ticked category to reveal a list of organisations and their details.


Zoom in on your desired location on the map to view further detail.



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