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Nihongo Talk & Tea

Free talk sessions for Japanese learners

Nihongo Talk & Tea is casual social event for Japanese language learners who want to take their conversation skills out of the classroom and into real life situations. Paired with another learner at a similar Japanese level, participants will get the opportunity to chat in Japanese with different native Japanese speakers on topics of their interest in a relaxed environment.

This free event is offered only to J-Course students and Members of The Japan Foundation, Sydney. Drinks and snacks will also be available.

– J-Course students will be contacted directly by email with booking instructions.
– If you would like to join this event but are not a current J-Course student, please sign up using the “book now (for JPF Members)” tab.

Future Talk & Tea Event dates for 2020:

March 27
June 19
September 11
November 27

All Talk and Tea events are held on Friday

Volunteer / ボランティア

If you are a Japanese native speaker, or know someone who is, and would like to volunteer at Nihongo Talk & Tea, more information is available here.

This form is for JPF Members who would like to join our Talk and Tea events.

※ If you are a current J-Course student, we would like to kindly ask you to wait until the J-Course application period opens. You will be contacted directly by email with booking instructions in the lead up to the next event.

J-Course : Talk & Tea JPF Member Application
Library membership is not the JPF membership. To become a member, please click here
We would like to make sure we place you with similar level speakers, so please indicate how long you have studied Japanese, where you have studied, what resources you have used etc.
Photo Release Permission
Privacy Policy

国際交流基金シドニー日本文化センター(The Japan Foundation, Sydney)の日本語講座では、成人学習者を対象としたフリートークセッションを開催いたします。




日時 2019年12月6日(金)
定員 ボランティア 14名 *要予約
日本語学習者 30名
参加費 無料
  • 本イベントは日本語学習者に日本語で話す機会を提供するもので、英語と日本語のエクスチェンジではありません。
  • 学習者からのドネーションにより、お菓子とお飲み物をご用意しております。
  • 交通費の支給はございませんので、予めご了承ください。
J-Course : Talk & Tea 日本語ボランティア 2019
(If applicable)
(If applicable)

Presented by


2020 Dates

March 27
June 19
September 11
November 27
(All Fridays)

Registrations start 5:30pm

The Japan Foundation, Sydney
Level 4, Central Park
28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008


Exclusive to JPF Sydney Members; you can sign up for Membership to join the event.

Free; bookings essential (first-come; first-served).
A gold coin donation towards snacks and drinks is welcome.

  • J-Course students will receive notification directly in their inbox with booking instructions.
  • Applications for future sessions open approx. one month prior to the event.


(02) 8239 0055

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