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Online Japanese Education Seminar

Japanese for Communication – A Marugoto Approach

May 28, 2023 – Communication from Audio Input: Grammatical Understanding to Support Achieving Can-dos (Elementary 1 A2)

音声インプットからのコミュニケーション:Can-doの達成を支える文法の理解(初級1 A2)



このセミナーでは、初級1のトピック3「わたしの まち」第5課「この こうえんは ひろくて、きれいです」を例に、模擬授業を交えながら、学習者の視点で文法学習のプロセスを体験してみます。その後、学習者が自らの力で理解を深めていけるような効果的な教え方について、第2言語習得理論(SLAの知見も参考にしながら考察していきます。そして入門や初級2の内容も含めた少し広い視野からも、この課で学習する文法を見てみたいと思います。 




 *セミナーで取り上げる『まるごと 初級1A2』トピック3わたしの まち」第5課この こうえんは ひろくて、きれいです」は、「まるごとサイト」でいつでもサンプルがご覧いただけます。


対象 日本語教師全般
定員 50名
参加費 無料 (要予約)
申込み〆切 2023年5月24日(先着順受付)
特記  本セミナーは日本語で行われます。

This is one in a series of practical seminars based on the JF Standard for Japanese Education-based Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture series.  

As the second session for this year, for this seminar we will cover the 2 book set for Elementary 1 (A2)  (Katsudoo and Rikai), focusing on how Marugoto treats and teaches grammar, as well as the learning processes involved therein.   

With richly varied audio input, learners make use of their own awareness and conjecture as they move towards successful communication (Can-do goals).  Grammar is an absolutely essential facet of linguistic knowledge that supports smooth communication, but how can the teacher support the understanding and retention of grammar in learners in a Marugoto class?  

In this seminar, we will use the Topic 3, Lesson 5 from the Elementary 1 book, “My Town: This park is big and beautiful” to experience the process of grammar learning from the point of view of a student through a mock lesson.  Then, we will consider the most effective teaching techniques to help learners to use their own abilities to deepen their understanding while referencing the theory of second language acquisition.  We will spread slightly into contents covered in the Starter and Elementary 2 levels to have a look at the grammar points learned in this chapter.  In addition, we will introduce some of the strategies used in the classes at our centre.  

We hope that this will prove helpful not only in your Marugoto classes, but in any can-do based course focused on Japanese communication.   

     *For those already using Marugoto, or who have participated in our seminars in the past, why don’t you take this opportunity to reflect on your everyday challenges? We also recommend this seminar for anyone interested in or considering using the Marugoto series.   We also recommend this seminar for people who are considering using Marugoto in the future.   

 *The Marugoto Elementary 1 (A2) level Topic 3 “My Town” Lesson 5 “This park is big and beautiful” used in the seminar is available for viewing as a sample on the Marugoto Website.   

 *We plan on holding futher seminars in August and October of this year. 

Workshop Size 50 participants max
Admission Cost Free (bookings essential)
Target All Japanese language educators
(including teaching assistants, private tutors, teacher trainers, etc.)
*Previous experience using Marugoto is not required.
*Particularly recommended for teachers in adult education.
Application Deadline 24 May 2023 (First come, first served)
Note This seminar will be held in Japanese.
*『まるごと 日本のことばと文化』について




電子書籍でもご購入になれます。(Google Play, Amazon Kindle)

About “Marugoto, Japanese Language and Culture:”

This course book was developed for adult overseas learners.

There are 6 levels ranging from absolute beginner to intermediate. (This represents levels A1-B1 in the Japan Foundation Standard.)

Digital ebook editions are available for purchase on Google Play or

*A reference sample of the Marugoto series is available on the Marugoto Website.

Presented by


28 May, 2023 (Sunday)
11am – 1pm AEST

Online conference room opens at 10:50am.

This event will be held online via web conference.


Free (bookings essential)

See the “お申し込み / Registration” tab


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