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Online Japanese Education Seminar

Japanese for Communication – A Marugoto Approach

August 28, 2022 – Lessons Extending Students’ Proficiency (Intermediate 1)


国際交流基金編著『まるごと 日本のことばと文化』の紹介セミナーです。



バリエーションを重ね、トピックも広げながら、学習者が「生の日本語に立ち向かう」運用力を高めていく。そんな授業を実現する『まるごと 中級』を一緒に体験してみませんか。



対象 日本語教師全般
定員 50名  80名
参加費 無料 (要予約)
申込み〆切 2022年8月24日(先着順受付)
特記  本セミナーは日本語で行われます。

One in a series of seminars introducing the Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture textbooks developed by The Japan Foundation.

Following our Starter and Elementary sessions, this time we will look at the Intermediate 1 level. While the layout and composition of the Intermediate levels change drastically, the focus on the Marugoto learning processes of audio input and practical communication still remain the same as they were in the Starter level. 

This seminar will inspect the structure of the topics using “Topic 7: Take on the Challenge of Martial Arts!” as a base. From there, we will focus on two unique activities, “Listen and understand” (long conversation listening) and “Talk at length” (spoken output at the paragraph level). We’ll also observe the learning process from the students’ point of view through a mock lesson.

As the variation increases and the topics expand, students begin to develop the capacity to interact with “real Japanese…” Won’t you come and experience that kind of Marugoto Intermediate 1 class with us?

We are planning another installment in the Marugoto Seminar series in October of 2022.

*『まるごと 日本のことばと文化』について




電子書籍でもご購入になれます。(Google Play, Amazon Kindle)

About “Marugoto, Japanese Language and Culture:”

This course book was developed for adult overseas learners.

There are 6 levels ranging from absolute beginner to intermediate. (This represents levels A1-B1 in the Japan Foundation Standard.)

Digital ebook editions are available for purchase on Google Play or

*A reference sample of the Marugoto series is available on the Marugoto Website.

Presented by


28 August, 2022 (Sunday)
1pm – 3pm AEST

Online conference room opens at 12:50pm.

This event will be held online via web conference.


Free (bookings essential)

See the “お申し込み / Registration” tab


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