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Kiki Ando Online Catalogue Launch & Talk Event


Kiki Ando: Highest Mountain and Deepest Bay

Kiki Ando: Highest Mountain and Deepest Bay is a solo exhibition by Kiki Ando, a contemporary Japanese artist based in Melbourne. This exhibition includes over 60 works reflecting Ando’s artistic archive and imaginative world, spanning wearable paper art, hand-built ceramic characters, animation and live performance.

Due to unforeseen circumstances caused by COVID-19, this exhibition was not able to open to the public.

This catalogue will be published on September 25, 2021 (Saturday)






 01.    Foreword
 05.    Local Sentо̄, A Surviving Tradition
           Eloise Rapp and Simonne Goran
 14.    The Preservation of Sentо̄, an Urban Communication Hub
           Haruka Kuryū
 19   Japanese Tile Culture Cultivated in Sentо̄
           Nodoka Murayama
 25.    The Art of Bathing in Japan
          Stéphanie Crohin
 35.    Excerpt from How To Take A Japanese Bath
           Leonard Koren
 45.    Exhibition Images
 57.    Works
105.   List of Works
109.   Biographies
113.   Acknowledgements

Yurika Sugie
Simonne Goran

Assistant Editors
Anne Lee
Eloise Rapp

Contributing Authors
Eloise Rapp
Simonne Goran
Haruka Kuryu
Nodoka Murayama
Stéphanie Crohin

Cassiel Merricat

Nina Serova


Daryl Prondoso

Header image: Kiki Ando, Pink camellia fragrant incense kimono, 2020-2021. Photos by Rafaela Pandolfini


Featuring Dr Ricarda Bigolin
September 25, 2021 (Saturday) 2pm AEST

Celebrate the launch of the Kiki Ando: Highest Mountain and Deepest Bay online catalogue with a talk event featuring textile researcher and catalogue contributor Dr Ricarda Bigolin. In her talk, Dr Bigolin will present an overview of the outlier practices between fashion, art and design, particularly in the context of performance, where bodies influence materials to behave and act intuitively, rather than adhering to institutionalised visual arts and design disciplines. By considering the broader conditions around Kiki Ando’s work, her lecture will examine the nuances of such outlier practices.

The livestream will be available for viewing on JPF Sydney’s Facebook page. A recording will be available in an embedded video below after the talk event has concluded.


Dr Ricarda Bigolin
Associate Dean of Fashion and Textiles at RMIT University

Dr Ricarda Bigolin is a designer, educator and researcher who is currently Associate Dean of Fashion and Textiles at RMIT University. Her research questions the social, cultural, ethical and political contexts of fashion production and consumption. Bigolin runs critical fashion practice D&K, which produces garments, performances, exhibitions, texts and films that show in leading art and design museums, galleries, publications and universities globally. Bigolin’s work uses fashion languages and materials to interrogate the broader influence and everyday impact of fashion.


Artists in Conversation

Through this video, viewers will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Kiki Ando’s works, and the methods that went into bringing them to life. Kiki Ando, the curator Rafaela Pandolfini and collaborators including Hiroko Ando, Ai Yamamoto and Lee Fiend will discuss in detail the processes behind Kiki Ando’s works, along with her personal experiences and inspirations. The discussion will be accompanied by images of the artworks, as well as the creation process.

The video will be available on September 25, 2021 (Saturday)


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