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Who Am I? Celebrity Game

Students label each other as a famous person and try to figure out who they are by asking about their nationality, physical appearance, job, hobbies etc.



Make copies of the question cards (Level A or B) according to the students’ language level. Have a medium sized sticky label for each student.


Pre-task: Students revise identifying people and check the vocabulary on the card.
Each student is given a sticker. Students form pairs and think of a famous person or cartoon character. They write the name on the sticker and stick it on their partner’s back without telling them who it is. Students use the card to ask questions to guess who they are. They may ask only yes/no questions, or a variety of questions such as those on the sheet. Students are allowed to ask a maximum of two questions per person, so that they have the opportunity to speak to as many people as possible.

Question Card Level A (PDF 566KB) Question Card Level A (Word 920KB)

Question Card Level B (PDF 482KB) Question Card Level B (Word 945KB)

Additional Resources

Please read the following article about Mixed Ability Classrooms.

Mixed Ability Classroom (Word 20KB)

Resource created by Cathy Jonak and Himiko Negishi-Wood (February 2014).

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