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What is my Job?

Students try to win as many job cards as possible by asking questions to try and determine which job is on the card.



Make copies of the question cards (A or B) according to the students’ language level. Prepare one set of job cards per pair.


Students form pairs, and each pair receives a set of the job cards. Student A picks up a card, and Student B asks the questions on the sheet then tries to guess which job it could be. Student A should try to answer the questions without giving too much away. Student B is not allowed to make a guess until all the questions are asked. If Student B guesses correctly, s/he keeps the card.

Question Card

  1. このしごとがきですか。
  2. しごとは、なんからなんまでですか。
  3. しごとのまえに、なにをしますか。
  4. おかねはいいですか。
  5. どこでしごとをしますか。
Question Card Level A (PDF 240KB)
  1. いまごとたのしいですか。
  2. きゅうりょうたかいですか。いくらぐらいですか。
  3. ごとまえなにをしなければなりませんか。
  4. このごとのいやなところはどんなところですか。
  5. しょくはどんなところですか。
Question Card Level B (PDF 233KB)

Job Card

Job Card (PDF 289KB)

Additional Resources

Please read the article about the Mixed Ability Classroom.

Mixed Ability Classroom (Word 20KB)

Resource created by Cathy Jonak and Himiko Negishi-Wood (March 2001).

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