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Trip to Okinawa: Make a Brochure

Students learn about the geography of Okinawa and how to describe holiday activities in Okinawa in Japanese.


1. おきなわについて About Okinawa

The teacher introduces Okinawa by using the brochure and photos of Okinawa on
The teacher could ask students the questions below.

Q: Where is Okinawa? おきなわはどこですか。
Q: How long do you think it takes to get from Tokyo to Okinawa by plane?
(Answer: about 2 and half hours.)
Q: Use 3 words to describe Okinawa.
Q: Write down 3 activities you can do in Okinawa.

Cultural and historical information on Okinawa is provided.
Alternatively, students can research it themselves.

Cultural and Historical Information on Okinawa

Okinawa Information (Word 18KB)

2. Activities in Okinawa なにをしますか

Leisure activities in Okinawa cards are provided.
The pictures and sentences can be separated to use for match-up activities for students who can read hiragana.

Leisure Activity Cards (PDF 418KB)


Students work in pairs, each pair sharing a set of cards.
The teacher sequences the activities using conjunctions like 「さいしょに」「それから」「~の前に」「~の後で」and the students have to listen and arrange their cards in the order the teacher explained.

3. Let’s make a brochure パンフレットをつくろう

Students may create their own brochure to promote their home town/country to Japanese tourists. They can include some possible activities, and introduce おいしい、 たのしい and すごいthings of Australia.

You may wish to use the resource “Sealife Games” to highlight the excellent scuba diving in Okinawa.


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