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Tourists in Australia

Students answer questions giving advice for the situations described by the teacher.


  1. Cut out sets of quiz cards from the Quiz Sheet.
  2. Shuffle the cards carefully.




Quiz sheet (PDF 75KB)


Group work

Students form 2 groups. The teacher explains that each group runs a travel agency exclusively for Japanese travelers and that they should provide appropriate information about Australia. The teacher then picks up a card and reads the question written on it (e.g., ともだちにおみやげをかうなら何がいいですか?). The first student to put up his/her hand has the right to answer, using a full sentence. (e.g., ともだちにおみやげをかうなら、Tシャツがいいです。) within a given time limit. If the student successfully completes the sentence, his/her group gets 10 points. Regardless of the answer of the first group, the teacher gives the next question to the other group. The group to get to 100 points first is the winner.


  1. If students have not mastered all the sentences structures on the cards, the teacher can choose cards with only one kind of sentence pattern.
  2. In accordance with students’ competence, the teacher can give a hint or a cue to help them complete the sentence.
  3. Recently students are showing a liking for scores of big numbers (e.g., 10,000 points) for merely answering one question. (a side effect of playing Nintendo or SEGA Mega Drive?!) so as a small tip we recommend teachers use this idea to make the activity more interesting.

Resource created by Himiko Negishi, Cathy Jonak and Yohei Arakawa (July 1995).

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