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Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Activity Kit

We have produced a Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games activity kit which consists of Paralympics PPT quiz, Kahoot! and activities on watching anime using an NHK anime of Paralympic sports, which can easily be incorporated in face to face lessons or online lessons.


Quizzes are great tools to engage students and encourage students to practice reading / revising Japanese in an interesting way while stimulating their interest in finding out about the Paralympics and the sports. 

The powerpoint quiz includes multiple choice questions in which students can select an answer and we have used Hyperlinks to provide instant feedback on if their answer is correct or not. Students can complete the quiz individually offline at their own pace. In this way, the quiz can not only be used during lessons, but also used as a pre-task or as a homework.


Kahoot is widely used in Australian schools and very popular with students! 
We have created a ‘Japanese Trivia Quiz’ and a ‘Which Sports Event is it? Quiz’ with Kahoot. Please try them out!

Links for Kahoot!

Japanese Trivia Quiz *Questions written in English 

Japanese Trivia Quiz *Questions written in Japanese 

Which Sports Event is it? Quiz 


NHK World has uploaded a series of short Japanese animations, Ani×Para World, focusing on the Paralympic sports to promote the appeal of the Paralympic Games. Each episode is 5 minutes in length. We have created questions which will help keep students actively engaged while watching the videos.

We have selected 5 videos below which explain the rules of the competition, and show skills and tactics on how to win the game.

Recommended Videos

Episode 1: ブラインドサッカー (Football 5-a-side)

Episode 3: 車いすテニス (Wheelchair Tennis)

Episode 6:  じゅうどう (Vision Impaired Judo)

Episode 9:  ボッチャ (Boccia)

Episode 11: 車いすバスケットボール (Wheelchair Basketball)


Questions in Japanese:

  1. このアニメの中で、せんしゅのすごいところはどこですか。
  2. このスポーツのおもしろいところはどこですか。
  3. このスポーツのむずかしいところはどこですか。
  4. このスポーツで一番好きなシーンはどこですか。

Questions in English:

  1. What did you find amazing about the athletes in this anime?
  2. What do you think is interesting about this sport?
  3. What do you think is the most challenging part of this sport?
  4. Which scene in the anime was the most impressive to you?

NHK World-JAPAN. (n.d.). Animation × Paralympic: Who is your hero?.

Resource created by Minako Kadoi, Shunsuke Hirakawa and Himiko Negishi-Wood, with assistance from Natsumi Yajima at The Japan Foundation, Sydney (August 2021).

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