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Time Check with Clocks

Students work in pairs to set the clock at a particular time and converse in Japanese about what time it is.


Students in pairs use a clock with movable hands to tell each other the time.

Blank Clocks Sheet (Word 56KB)

Student A asks student B the time. Student B thinks of a time and responds. Student A sets the clock and shows it to student B for confirmation. If it is correct, Student B takes a turn at asking Student A the time and the process is repeated.

Students use the following dialogue.
A いまなんじですか?
B ___じです。/___じはんです。
A ___じですか。Sets the clock and shows it to B
B はい、そうです。/いいえ、ちがいます。
A  なんじに おきますか?
B ___じに おきます。
A  なんじに ねますか?
B ___じに ねます。

Extra activity - Class interview

Students interact with each other by circulating around the class to find a person who gets up / goes to bed at the same time as they do.
A  なんじに おきますか?
B  7じに おきます。
A  あ、わたしもです。ここに なまえを かいてください(If the same)。
A  あ、そうですか。ありがとうございます(If not the same)

Additional Resources

Please read the Teacher’s Notes relating to Times and Greetings

Teachers Notes Time and Greetings (PDF 67KB)
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