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Time Bingo

Students listen to the clock times read out by the teacher and compete to be the first to fill out their bingo card of clock times they have chosen.


Students are given a sheet of digital clocks with blank faces such as the one provided below which they fill in with various times. Students then ask the teacher together: いまなんじ(ですか)。 and the teacher answers, giving a time with ~じです。 or ~じはんです。

Students cross out the times on their sheet as they hear them, and the first student to cross out all the clocks on his/her sheet is the winner.

Bingo Sheet

Bingo Sheet (Word 166KB)

Additional Resources

Please read the Teacher’s Notes on Greetings and Times

Teacher’s Notes Time and Greetings (PDF 67KB)

Resource created by Himiko Negishi-Wood (May 2001).

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