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Survey Quiz Show

Students participate in a game show (like the old show “Family Feud”) where they guess how people responded to a survey.


This is the Japanese version of the old ‘FAMILY FEUD’, a quiz game based on a survey of 100 people, in which 2 teams compete. The team players are given questions and must guess the most likely answers of the people surveyed.

If an answer is guessed correctly, the score received is the number of the people who gave that answer in the survey. (As we did not have access to 100 people, we have come up with likely answers based on educated guesswork, and teachers can do the same. Better still, you could survey the students at your school and use real data!)
Write questions and answers (as in Example Question Card) onto an A3 sized cardboard, then fold the piece of cardboard lengthwise so you can show the question and hide answers.


Whole class

To conduct the game you need a quiz master and 2 helpers, one to hold up the question card and call out the scores of the correct answers and one to write up the scores on the board. Make 2 or more teams of around 5 students based on the number of students in the class. The quiz master calls out the question which the helper holds up. Each group discusses the question, and the first group leader to put up his/her hand gives an answer. If it is acceptable, that group gets the score for that question and another group takes a turn to answer. This continues until all 5 answers have been guessed, and the quiz master asks the next question.


  1. Instead of holding up the question card, the card with the question and answers can be stuck on the board/wall. (as in Example Question Card). At first the answers are covered with strips of paper stuck over them, and as they are guessed the strips of paper are taken off, exposing them to view.
  2. The OHT can be used to show questions and answers. Make transparencies with questions such as those on Question & Answer Sheets 1 &2 and cover up the answers with strips of paper. (Question and Answer Sheet 1 questions are senior level, and Question and Answer Sheet 2 questions can be used with junior level students) The teacher can move from one question to the next, exposing the answers as they are correctly guessed.
  3. After the first question, the team which guesses the answer correctly has another turn. That team continues to answer until they make a wrong guess, and another team gets a turn to answer.
  4. A number of answers can be obtained from the competing groups first. Then all the answers can be shown at the end, and scores worked out.
  5. Base the game on a ‘survey’ of 100 Japanese people, with questions about Japanese habits and pastimes, and thereby reinforce sociocultural knowledge.
Example Question Card (PDF 549KB)

Question and Answer sheet 1 (PDF 118KB)
Question and Answer sheet 2 (PDF 69KB)

Resource created by Himiko Negishi, Cathy Jonak and Yohei Arakawa (March 2014).

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