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Sumo Quiz


Students can learn about basic vocabulary,the origins and rules of sumo through quiz.



How To Use The Resource

sumo cardsWORD (Pre-task : Sumo Keywords Activity)
To familiarise students with sumo keywords, teachers can make word and picture cards from the files below. Students can use the cards to play カードあわせ(card matching game), しんけいすいじゃく (concentration) or カルタ (snap). The vocabulary used on the word cards appear in the quiz, so learning the vocabulary beforehand will students understand the quiz better.


PPT (Sumo Quiz)
There are 18questions in total. Answers and explanations are given after each question.



WORD(Extra Activity : Sumo Rituals)
In this activity, students rearrange the sumo rituals in the correct order.


Extra Activity Answers: ⑤They step up onto the ring.→②They bow. →③They stomp their legs →④They rinse their mouths with water. → ①They throw salt.
We recommend that students do the extra activity after watching the video. These are about things that happen in the video.


Video of a sumo bout (7:44)

Sumo Cards Pictures (WORD 505KB)
Sumo Cards Words (WORD 17.3KB)
Extra Activity Sumo Rituals (WORD 539MB)

Useful Resources

Sumo Wrestling 101 | National Geographic(2:06)

Quick History of Sumo(6:48)


Kids Web Japan: SUMO

Quick Guide: Commonly Used Terms related to Sumo Wrestling

Resource created by Shunsuke Hirakawa with assistance from Jessica Leung (August 2019).

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