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Skit: Strange Restaurant

Students prepare a restaurant skit in groups of 3. The skit takes place at a small Japanese restaurant called じゃあね. The waiter/waitress is new and makes a lot of mistakes taking orders, which is annoying to the customers.

Suggested Props

Menu, plastic cups for water, writing pad and pen, apron, plates, tray

Menu (PDF 291KB)

Scenario Variation

  • The customer may be in a particular emotional state such as cranky, sad, happy, or tired.
  • The customer maybe fussy, impatient or demanding.
  • The customer complains that there is something in their food, such as むし(insect), or there is a ゴキブリ(cockroach) in the restaurant.

Role-play Extension

  • Teachers can use this scenario to introduce Japanese customs. Water and a hand towel (おてふき) are usually brought to the table on arrival at a restaurant.
  • This conversation can be extended by commenting on food with おいしいですね, ごちそうさま, and by asking for the bill withいくらですか。
  • This restaurant role-play uses a variety of language functions, such as welcoming customers, taking orders, ordering meals, offering, thanking… Students can practice these functions in different situations. For example, the customer goes to the chemist to buy medicine for a sore throat.
  • Suggested language:のどのくすりをください。のどがいたい。むねがいたい。

When your skit is ready, why not enter it into the Japan Foundation Video Matsuri Contest! Check the details by using the url below.

Additional Resources

Please read the article “Developing Your Own Skits”

Developing Your Own Skits (PDF 131KB)

Resource created by Himiko Negishi-Wood, Shingo Usami and Cathy Jonak (March 2003).

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